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NW Texas APEX Accelerator Center provides one-on-one consulting to teach small businesses how do business with government agencies to include marketing their companies to government agencies, finding contracting opportunities, and preparing bids for government contracts.

Government Databases

Registration as a government contractor is mandatory in order to do business with some government agencies.  NW APEX Accelerator Center helps companies register as government contractors in System Award Management (SAM) and the State of Texas’ Central Master Bidders List (CMBL).

Government Codes

Government agencies use different numbering systems to identify the products and services that they buy.  NW Texas APEX Accelerator Center helps businesses find the applicable codes for their products and services in the North American Industry Classification System (NAICS), the Product and Service Codes (PSC) Manual, and the Texas NIGP Commodity Book.


NW Texas APEX Accelerator Center also conducts seminars on a variety of government contracting subjects ranging from basic contracting processes used by state and federal agencies to specific contracting programs and procedures. Events are in--person or virtual & listed on our website.

Bid Matching

NW Texas APEX Accelerator Center sends its clients a weekly Local Bid Sheet which lists government contracting opportunities that are currently available in Texas.  We also provide an automated bid match service that sends clients bid opportunities tailored to meet their needs from U.S. federal, state & local government agencies.


State and federal agencies have various regulations and laws that govern every step of their contracting activity.  NW Texas APEX Accelerator Center can provide access to most of those regulations and laws so that contractors can understand and comply with the requirements in each contract they perform.

Market Research

NW Texas APEX Accelerator Center helps identify potential government customers for businesses by performing marketing research to find out which agencies are currently purchasing their types of products and services. Our counselors can teach you how to research for opportunities and understand terms.

Bid Preparation

NW Texas APEX Accelerator Center assists contractors in preparing contract offers  and understand the bidding process and insuring they understand all requirements included in a contract solicitation.  We also help contractors prepare contract offers for multiple award schedule contracts with the General Services Administration (GSA).

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